Empowering women to be confident in their internal and external beauty, health and everyday lives.

    The Second Annual Fearlessly SHE Summit is the premier event for go gett(h)ers, influenc(h)ers, game chang(h)ers and entrepren(h)ers. This exclusive weekend experience by The Strength of SHE is a two-day conference of empowerment for women of color. Each year, we focus on a topic that women can relate to and improve upon in their personal and professional lives, in order to reach a new level of success, growth and confidence.


    Our 2018 conference theme is "GRIND & FLOURISH" because we believe behind every glow up is a hardworking woman demolishing her goals. This year's attendees the opportunity to tackle every day obstacles and gain the tools they need to elevate their lives.


    The conference sessions will consist of fireside chats, interactive workshops and tribe networking!


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  • 2018 SPEAKERS

    We have an awesome lineup of diverse, black women from different backgrounds

    with so many gems to share!

    Siobhan Sudberry | Workshop Host

    Siobhan Sudberry is a Clarity Cultivator, founder of BeFree Project and host of the podcast, Girl Be Free. She teaches women how to get unstuck, gain clarity and cultivate the life they desire on their terms. She’s passionate about empowering women and encouraging them to show up for themselves and take action in their life.


    She hosts in-person events called the BeFree Meetup and has an exclusive online community called the BeFree Inner Circle that connects, gathers and supports women on their journey to being free. Siobhan believes that every woman should be able to make herself a priority minus feeling guilty and she's dedicated to providing them with the tools and resources they need.

    Jessica Lauren | Workshop Host

    Jessica Lauren is an actress and the creator of the lifestyle + inspirational blog NoRealJewelry.com. She is also the host of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast—A weekly podcast helping #GoalGetters ditch the excuses, do the work and make ish happen! Jessica started her creative entrepreneurial journey in 2015–when she was tired of dealing with the constant rejection in her acting career. So she created her own yes!


    Almost 3 years later and Jessica has hosted workshops, created a podcast, an online store and a website that encourages women to not only dream big but to do the work to make their dreams com true. You can now catch Jessica blogging or acting on onstage with Sesame Street Live, on Tv as Officer Riley on Chicago PD and various national commercials such as McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese.

    Riona Edmonds | Workshop Host

    Riona has been coaching women for over 4 years and has helped hundreds of women lose weight, enhance their mindsets and truly make healthy living their lifestyle. Through her own personal weight loss transformation, life and mindset struggles, she has learned some very important lessons. Since the birth of her 20 Week Queen For Life Program in January of 2017, she has helped almost 400 women transform not only physically but mentally as well.


    Riona believes more goes into this lifestyle than what meets the eye. Fitness is more than just the physical aspect. Fitness is very much mental as well. You MUST work on your mindset and you MUST make this a LIFESTYLE if you want to truly take control of your life and become a QUEEN.

    Kristin Sutton| Workshop Host

    Kristin Sutton, founder of Debt Free Black Girl, is a money therapist that empowers fly young women to change the way they think about money so they can save more, spend less and pay off debt. As a licensed therapist, her daily mission is to uncover and eliminate the mental roadblocks that hinder people from achieving their goals and living the life of their dreams. Four years ago, she was dead broke, battling with depression, 40 pounds overweight, swimming in debt and on the verge of homelessness. After seeking therapy, she shifted her mindset completely and as a result, she went from having overdue bills and ducking and dodging phone calls to paying off over $10K in debt in just a matter of months while on a struggle bus salary. Kristin currently teaches and coaches clients in her Be Debt Free program where she helps them regain confidence in themselves to take control over their finances.


    We have an exciting lineup of fireside chats, workshops and tribe networking!

    Tentative Schedule

    Full Schedule Coming Soon!

    • Exclusive kick-off ladies night and cocktail hour
    • Wisdom and insight from two phenomenal keynote speakers
    • Light refreshments and snacks
    • Four interactive workshops
    • Access to curated, hand-picked vendors
    • Networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, influencers and leaders from across the country


    The Fearlessly SHE Summit was made possible last year by our amazing sponsors and partners.


    If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Bria Booker at bria@thestrengthofshe.com.



    Luster Products, Inc. is the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people worldwide. Luster Products' brands include the Pink Brand, products for women. Our attendees will get some awesome sample products!
    *Black-Owned Business


    Hope You Feel Butter is a small handmade company, spreading love and knowledge through their products such as butters, creams, and honey with the sugar and the spices. Clean and green ingredients. Hand craft quality, professional grade performance. Each VIP attendee will get a 4 oz jar of HYFB Buttercream Twisting Frosting in their swag bag!

    *Female & Black Owned Business


    Snarky Things is owned by Malina Simone and features handwritten mini dessert plates/trinket trays featuring things women said. Each VIP attendee will get a special, custom Snarky Thing in their swag bag!

    *Female & Black Owned Business


    Chrystallynn Block, better known as Chrys, is a lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and author. She currently offers inspirational & lifestyle posts, chronicles of her journey as a writer and short stories on her blog All Things Chrys.

    Three lucky attendees will get her a copy of her book, Girl Power 101
    *Female & Black Owned Business


    Candace is an Indianapolis based creative, food lover and spice slanger! FoodLoveTog, LLC is a food and recipe site, cooking school and spice brand.

    One lucky attendee will get a bundle of her special spice blends.
    *Female & Black Owned Business


    At Createrella Florals & Design makes the ordinary simply beautiful by using wholesale and recycled materials. They make floral arrangements and designs for your home, table, or event. All center pieces for the event are provided b Createrella Florals & Design!

    *Female & Black Owned Business



    Herring Moments Photography is a husband and wife duo, who come together to capture life's beautiful moments for you!

    All official photography will be taken by Herring Moments Photography

    *Black Owned Business



    Shop & connect with these businesses that support women of color and were handpicked to be your exclusive sponsors. If you have questions about being a vendor, please contact Aisha Herring at aisha@thestrengthofshe.com.


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